Over 5+ years experience under our belt

having planned and created interactive media and content for the web and mobile devices for more than 5 years. We lead the industry in web-based technology, offering businesses solutions for their marketing needs through the development and upkeep of mobile applications and websites. We are also, without a doubt, the most dependable Tech company in terms of customer support and service quality. We use new and creative approaches to training solutions and infrastructure deployment, including hardware,  networking, software development, and mobile app development, as part of our mandate. serving as a point of contact for the equipment that serves the end user. One of our objectives is to surpass our clients’ expectations by providing exceptional Tech solutions and working tirelessly to do so.

Our Values

We have an obligation to our team, ourselves and our clients, to follow our qualities and standards. We put individuals before process and set up each other for success.


Taking on challenges increases our sense of aliveness. Adrenaline is our body’s signal to take action. our body’s method of getting ready to escape from tigers or lions with sharp teeth. 


We happen to things; things don’t happen to us. Instead of waiting for chances to come our way, we actively create them. We actively network, we participate and contribute, and we keep up our industry education.


We are focused on making the best choice, in any event, while no one’s watching. We experience our qualities and standards. We realize the entire is a lot more noteworthy than the amount of the parts. We pick our contemplations and activities in light of our qualities, not on private addition.


20 April 2018

Hive 4 Solutions was founded

16 january 2019

Company was growing

Company was growing
08 June 2020

We relocated our Head Office

20 june 2021

We hit a major milestone

16 May 2022

Opened another office in a major city

Opened another office in a major city
08 September 2023

Among top 10 companies