First Impression: What Good Design Can Do for Your Business.


Good design is good for business; it is profitable to you and helpful to the customer. It is tailored around customers and helps to solve a need they have. It guarantees superior business performance, but that’s not all, so sit tight as I run you through why your business needs good design.

Hey, I’m Eno, and I’ve got you.

1. You only get one first impression.

Let me let you in on a small secret. When I had an interview for my current job at hive4solutions, I was asked to come in at 9 am. Easy, right? Now the issue is that I am a perpetual late comer. I am always late. It’s an issue that is no longer an issue, that is how bad it is, but I was there by 9am, all smiles, a beaming ‘I am the one’ sign taped to my forehead, metaphorically of course.

The first thing a potential customer would see while browsing through your business’ online platform is the design, and it would register in the mind of your client. A good design would help build trust with a uniform theme, making a strong first impression. A bad one would do the exact opposite.


2. “Have you heard of hive4solutions?”


‘An apple with a leaf on top, a smooth bite taken out.’ The iconic Apple logo is known to everyone, whether they are Apple users or not.

Apple did not become the first company in the US to hit the $2 trillion market cap just by coding and updating. They utilize design to make sure their product is the most aesthetically pleasing technology on the market. Beauty and design are at the core of their growth.

I want you to ask yourself a few questions.

. Is my company’s logo known by people both online and in my town?

. Are my company’s ads recognized by their colors and fonts?

. Do my designs uniquely stand out in comparison to other companies in my niche?

If no, it’s time to develop good designs that puts your company on track to becoming the first business people think of when they have a need in your field.

3. Telling an amazing story

Good design means having a unique brand identity. It shows your individuality by showing who you are.
What story do you want to tell about your business? Whatever your answer is, it can be accomplished with good design.

Having a good design increases your company’s value; it boosts sales, communicates a message, and solidifies customer connection, and what business doesn’t want that?

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