3 Tech Jobs with No-Coding (For Lazy Girls)

There are more zeros and commas than you can count as your account balance. Strutting around the world like you own it, morning’s in Paris, around noon in Norway, sunsets in Bali. Typing away on your laptops as you pretend not to hear your mother gloating over you to your ‘my kids are better than yours’ aunty. The true essence of a material girl. Is that the life you know you were put on this earth to live? Then you are in the right place, and I’ve got you.

Hey, I’m Eno, a certified techy, and I’m going to be spilling the tea on how you can become that material girl in tech, so grab your pen and paper because after this, you might just be on a beach somewhere sipping wine flavored with the tears of your haters.


A digital marketing manager is in charge of a company’s or brand’s digital and social media marketing.

They aim to increase sales, brand awareness, and the loyalty of customers and handle customer reach online presence, so think social media profiles and websites.

So you’ve thought of trying content creation but believe social media as we know it does not deserve a presence like yours. Not to worry, with digital marketing management, you can eat your cake and have it as the material girl you be.


A content marketing manager handles marketing-focused content. I’m talking blog posts, newsletters, and social media posts that align with the company’s strategy and, if you are as sneaky as I know you are, you can diss competitor brands that you personally have beef with. It’s a win that keeps on winning.


Alexa, play Material Girl by Madonna.

This should be everybody’s dream job. You get to boss people around all day, every day? Sign me up.

Great presentation and communication skills are a must, but it is a small price to pay.


Yes, this is very much a tech job, thanks to the hard work of our fellow material sisters paving the way for us by finessing the content creation sphere.

As a social media manager, you have to be comfortable with collecting data and reports, social calendar organization and pattern and strategy tracking for growth. You’d have to have knowledge of design and an amazing writing skill, but having the brains is what makes you a material girl.
You’d also have to come in clutch with those crafty captions.

Now you are almost ready to grab the tech world by its neck and prove that girls, especially the material kind, run the world.

Hope you check back in soon for the post on how to land a tech job with no tech experience.
I’m Eno, and I’ve got you.

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