How to get the most out of social media for your business

Here is how to get the most out of social media for your business.


Instagram and Facebook are meant to be informational and educational platforms for your customers, as today’s customers are educated and informed. You must add value rather than repeatedly spamming people with sales comments, buying followers or using copyrighted materials.


So how do you make sales?


Own a website. This gives you full control of the purchases and sales, so ditch your ineffective marketing strategy, create value for your target customers on social media, and lead them to your very own website.

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First Impression: What Good Design Can Do for Your Business.


Good design is good for business; it is profitable to you and helpful to the customer. It is tailored around customers and helps to solve a need they have. It guarantees superior business performance, but that’s not all, so sit tight as I run you through why your business needs good design.

Hey, I’m Eno, and I’ve got you.

1. You only get one first impression.

Let me let you in on a small secret. When I had an interview for my current job at hive4solutions, I was asked to come in at 9 am. Easy, right? Now the issue is that I am a perpetual late comer. I am always late. It’s an issue that is no longer an issue, that is how bad it is, but I was there by 9am, all smiles, a beaming ‘I am the one’ sign taped to my forehead, metaphorically of course.

The first thing a potential customer would see while browsing through your business’ online platform is the design, and it would register in the mind of your client. A good design would help build trust with a uniform theme, making a strong first impression. A bad one would do the exact opposite.


2. “Have you heard of hive4solutions?”


‘An apple with a leaf on top, a smooth bite taken out.’ The iconic Apple logo is known to everyone, whether they are Apple users or not.

Apple did not become the first company in the US to hit the $2 trillion market cap just by coding and updating. They utilize design to make sure their product is the most aesthetically pleasing technology on the market. Beauty and design are at the core of their growth.

I want you to ask yourself a few questions.

. Is my company’s logo known by people both online and in my town?

. Are my company’s ads recognized by their colors and fonts?

. Do my designs uniquely stand out in comparison to other companies in my niche?

If no, it’s time to develop good designs that puts your company on track to becoming the first business people think of when they have a need in your field.

3. Telling an amazing story

Good design means having a unique brand identity. It shows your individuality by showing who you are.
What story do you want to tell about your business? Whatever your answer is, it can be accomplished with good design.

Having a good design increases your company’s value; it boosts sales, communicates a message, and solidifies customer connection, and what business doesn’t want that?

3 Tech Jobs with No-Coding (For Lazy Girls)

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3 Tech Jobs with No-Coding (For Lazy Girls)

There are more zeros and commas than you can count as your account balance. Strutting around the world like you own it, morning’s in Paris, around noon in Norway, sunsets in Bali. Typing away on your laptops as you pretend not to hear your mother gloating over you to your ‘my kids are better than yours’ aunty. The true essence of a material girl. Is that the life you know you were put on this earth to live? Then you are in the right place, and I’ve got you.

Hey, I’m Eno, a certified techy, and I’m going to be spilling the tea on how you can become that material girl in tech, so grab your pen and paper because after this, you might just be on a beach somewhere sipping wine flavored with the tears of your haters.


A digital marketing manager is in charge of a company’s or brand’s digital and social media marketing.

They aim to increase sales, brand awareness, and the loyalty of customers and handle customer reach online presence, so think social media profiles and websites.

So you’ve thought of trying content creation but believe social media as we know it does not deserve a presence like yours. Not to worry, with digital marketing management, you can eat your cake and have it as the material girl you be.


A content marketing manager handles marketing-focused content. I’m talking blog posts, newsletters, and social media posts that align with the company’s strategy and, if you are as sneaky as I know you are, you can diss competitor brands that you personally have beef with. It’s a win that keeps on winning.


Alexa, play Material Girl by Madonna.

This should be everybody’s dream job. You get to boss people around all day, every day? Sign me up.

Great presentation and communication skills are a must, but it is a small price to pay.


Yes, this is very much a tech job, thanks to the hard work of our fellow material sisters paving the way for us by finessing the content creation sphere.

As a social media manager, you have to be comfortable with collecting data and reports, social calendar organization and pattern and strategy tracking for growth. You’d have to have knowledge of design and an amazing writing skill, but having the brains is what makes you a material girl.
You’d also have to come in clutch with those crafty captions.

Now you are almost ready to grab the tech world by its neck and prove that girls, especially the material kind, run the world.

Hope you check back in soon for the post on how to land a tech job with no tech experience.
I’m Eno, and I’ve got you.

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Main Benefits of Web3

Web3 is a new and rapidly developing technology that will forever change how we use the Internet. It will be a while before its full potential manifests, but we can already see some of Web3’s unique benefits:

  1. OWNERSHIP: Web3 is powered by blockchain technology and decentralization, democratizing content creation and eliminating the middleman. Web2 relies on social media sites to store, distribute, and benefit from content. Web3, in contrast, allows users to earn tokens for their community participation and activity directly. These tokens have actual monetary value and give users meaningful ownership of their projects.
  2. PRIVACY: A decentralized identity system allows you to control your online identity and personal information. In Web3 you get more fine-tuned control over what information is available about you online and who can access it. Moreover, you get a cryptographically secure way to prove whether the information is accurate.
  3. SECURITY: Unlike the current system, where information can easily be copied or stolen without the user knowing, blockchain technology is secure and tamperproof; data cannot be changed or hacked without the interference being detected. However, there might be many unsecured web3 applications, and it is recommended only to use audited web3 applications.
  4. OPPORTUNITY: Web3 projects are open source, and anyone can build on top of other projects. Web 2.0 worked with limited API access, but Web 3 works like Lego blocks, where every part can be interconnected and reused. This is called “composability” This paves the way for leveraging existing projects to create something new, making it easy to generate innovative new projects with real value.
  5. COLLABORATION: Web3 runs on a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), a new management model without boards and executives. DAOs instead operate according to a set of rules written in code, allowing an unlimited number of people to participate in it. It is estimated that many traditional companies will change their operating model to DAOs in the next 10 – 15 years

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