Reasons Why Your Business Should Be Online

1. It Will Improve Your Company Image

This alone should be enough reason to start a new website and begin selling online. It’s an extremely important factor considering that without a website, blog, or online presence prospective clients could begin to wonder how serious you are about business. Today, companies of all sizes and industries are establishing a successful online presence.


If you don’t have an online presence (and a professional one to boot) then you can’t expect your prospects to take you seriously and you will lose business to competitors that do have an effective online presence. Quite frankly, you need to have an online presence because your prospects and customers expect you to have one.


2. You Are Available 24/7 365 

Whereas a few quick nourishment eateries, basic supply stores, and gas stations oversee 24-hour benefit, it is inconceivable for most businesses. That’s , without the web. A key advantage to having an e-commerce site is that your clients and prospects can peruse almost your items and put orders at any time — day or night. On customary commerce days or occasions. Envision what being open 3-4 times longer seem do for your business. Even in case you have got a conventional offline administrations sort trade you’ll be able create leads and request whereas you’re closed and take after up with those prospects and clients once you open the another day. Numerous individuals will need to do their research at the conclusion of the day when your office or commerce is closed, but your site can work and your 2/47 deals individual to reply questions and produce leads (or deals).


3. Very Low Start-up Costs

Starting out online means very low startup costs. You have no buildings to construct, no vehicles to buy and few (if any) staff to hire. Simply build your site and start selling. If you are already selling offline then the transition can be very smooth. You continue selling the same products that you know and have a good supply of. Putting your company online simply gives you a new source of customers.


The reality is you can outsource a lot of the technical stuff and even things such as social media marketing.


While you could spend tens of thousands of dollars developing the best website and e-commerce solution many of your competitors will be doing it on a shoestring. A good website can be designed simply and for very little money.


Using a free platform like a self-hosted WordPress blog and a professional quality premium theme ($70 – $200) you can build a professional site by yourself. Some web hosting companies offer free site building tools.


With a good WordPress theme, it is possible for you to design your own site and do it with (almost) no coding.


To get started on a shoestring budget, expect to pay anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand. The basic expenses include web hosting, WordPress theme, domain name, and email marketing autoresponder service. Once its all set up it can run on virtual autopilot. You can make regular updates yourself or just pay someone to make updates for you as needed.

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