Design And Implementation

Each client’s IT environment is unique, thus requiring specific considerations as technological enhancements are needed. Changes to an existing IT environment, or the addition of a totally new technology, require a detailed analysis and design to guarantee its overall performance and productivity.

Our approach to architecting the right solution focuses primarily on our client’s specifications in combination with our years of experience to reduce overall complexity of systems, data and network management.

Armed with the correct solution for the client, our team of technology experts works collaboratively with our customer, as a partner, during the implementation of the solution. Key security and business productivity considerations are taken into account with every change to ensure optimal performance throughout the entire process. We hold ourselves accountable to ensure our client infrastructure and systems remain secure.


Cost effective, scalable solutions are the key to our clients’ success. We have consistently implemented our proven, customized infrastructure designs through careful management of the entire process. At Junction PC, we always expect your network solution to align with your strategic direction, not the other way around.


We design and implement a security system and policy that protects your intellectual property, without interfering with worker productivity and without interfering with partners who access your business through a Virtual Private Network (VPN). We partner with SonicWall and Barracuda Networks for maximum network security.

Network Audits And Integration

A poorly-designed network can cripple your business. Your performance can level off – you can even lose market share – if your network does not operate as intended. A robust, scalable network is vital to your success. The complexity of today’s networking technologies demands that you retain the services of experts to lay the groundwork for your network today – and for tomorrow. Our network integration architects follow our proprietary Enterprise Technology Solutions framework to design and implement a robust and scalable network that uses today’s most advanced networking technologies from such leading vendors as Microsoft, Cisco, and Hewlett-Packard.